Pop Rocks - The Snack Yarn Collection

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Pop Rocks is the fizziest colorway! The purple can't be contained to speckles alone and gives the creamy base a faint pink tinge, which means the whole skein glows in black light, and the purple speckles have a deep, almost cobalt blue center and glow even brighter! This one is SO fun to knit with - don't be afraid to use these neons for entire garments!

The Snack Yarn Collection is like a bag of potato chips - so delicious you can't have just one! These neon speckles on a creamy background really pop, and most yarns in the collection are black light reactive too! Be sure to check out the other colorways in the collection, and keep an eye out on our social media for new additions!

Yarn Base Details:

Jessie Alpaca Lace:
74% South American Baby Suri Alpaca, 26% Silk
Lace Weight
328 yds / 50 g

Wesley Merino Sock:
100% South American Superwash Merino Wool
Fingering Weight / 4-Ply
438 yds / 100 g

Ilah DK: 
75% South American Superwash Merino Wool
25% Nylon
DK Weight / 4-Ply
245 yds / 100 g

*Please note:
- We make every effort to accurately represent the colors of our yarns, but differences in screen settings may make them appear slightly different in person. Photos were edited on an Apple computer with the screen brightness turned all the way up, so set your screen similarly for the best view.
- Consistency across our skeins and batches is a point of pride for us, but due to the hand-dyed nature of these yarns there is inevitably some variation form skein to skein and batch to batch, but we take great care to minimize the effect. As with all hand-dyed yarn, we recommend striping in each new skein in your project for a few rows for a smooth transition.
- Dyes behave slightly differently on each base, and some fibers take the dye differently as well (case in point, our alpaca laceweight), so please keep this in mind when ordering and check out all the photos. Our yarns are designed to be variegated, with different levels of color throughout the skein, for maximum visual interest and crafting fun!
- All yarns labled "Superwash" are machine washable on the gentle cycle with cool water, and lay flat to dry (though admittedly we put our socks in the dryer). But it is always recommended that you hand wash your finished pieces to extend their life and beauty. There may be some slight color wash-out for your yarns first wash, this is normal with any saturated colors. If you have combined colors that may bleed into eachother, be sure to use a cold soak and a Shout Color Catcher sheet if needed, they work great!