Shop Exclusive Colorway - That'll Block Out

$28.50 - $29.50
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"That'll Block Out" is our beautiful shop exclusive colorway from Earl Grey Fiber Co. Its name is inspired by one of our shop's mantras/catch phrases - everything's fine, just keep going, that'll block out! The colorway is a variegated white and grey base, speckled heavily with hot pink, with a layer of tealy-turquoise speckles and some super tiny flecks of red and emerald green.

You can only find this colorway in our shop, so be sure to get enough for your project!

Darjeeling Sock 
75/25 SW Merino/Nylon
Fingering Weight / 4-Ply
463 yards - 100g

Matcha Sport
100% SW Merino 2 Ply
328 yards - 100g

Oolong DK
100% SW Merino 4 Ply
231 yards - 100g

Chai Worsted
100% SW Merino 4 Ply
218 yards - 100g